Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have wanted a nice piano my whole life. A few years after Richard and I were married and still in college, someone gave us a piano. It was in bad shape-terrible shape. The veneer was all bubbled, keys cracked, some didn't even work. It was awful, but it was free and I needed one. We kept that piano for 15 years. Yes, 15 years. When we moved Richard gave my piano away--for free. Just like it was given to us. So I have been with out a piano for over a year and sorely missing playing. So I finally gathered my pennies together and started to look for one. I came across several that I liked. But I wanted a piano that called out to me. I came across this Nordiska. I emailed and asked if the piano was still available. Leslie, the owner assured me it was still available. So when Richard came home and dinner was over, we ran down to Dallas to look at it. Leslie and her husband were so kind and gracious. They have two little dogs that Kaydee loved. Oh, they were cute! But the piano was beautiful. It played nice and sounded beautiful! I hated to leave it. I knew that this was it. This was the piano I had been searching for and longing for. How beautiful it is. The next morning, I emailed her and said that I wanted to buy it. They so graciously accepted my offer. The next day I went and paid for it. Friday, it was delivered to my home. We have absolutely enjoyed it. It is a player piano. It is so nice to put a CD in and listen to it. It sounds wonderful. It does need a little tuning and that will be done next Monday. I also need to find a bench. I am in love with this piano. I have waited so many many years.

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