Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love pictures of my family. I always think that it is so fun and I love to decorate my house with pictures of my boys! They are growing so fast. Pictures freeze time for a moment. Time is so fleeting. Daniel will enter his freshmen year this Monday. Could it possibly be High School so soon? Oh, I know that he is ready and excited for the coming years. Nathan will enter 7th grade, and Qualan will be in 4th! I know. Growing up so fast! Chiron will also be in school, every day for half day. He will be 3 tomorrow. We are still working on potty training. Why oh why is that so hard to learn? So it will be Kaydee and me for half the day then Chiron will join us and then the rest of the boys will stagger in. Everyone of my boys will be at a different school this year. 4 boys in school and 4 schools coming and going at different times. Because you know- schools don't start and stop at the same time. Wow! What a year this will be!

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Deanna said...

The pictures are beautiful! - Good luck with the crazy year to come!