Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Break...

This is our first Christmas in our new house. As the decorations were found, I found myself wondering where everything would be placed. As I arranged and then rearranged trying to find the perfect fit to create the perfect Christmas cheer. Where would our try be placed? After much discussion, we decided to place it in our front entry. Decorations were up, school winding down, and a chill in the air helped to fester the holiday spirit. I am ever aware that Christmas's with my boys are fleeting. Time seems to move ever faster the older I get.

Daniel turned 14 on December 23. He was able to attend the New Year's Eve dance. He had a great time. Although, I know that he wished that Nathan could be their with him.
Richard took Daniel, Nathan, and Qualan to see the movie Tron for his birthday. It's not something we do alot and so it was a special treat for them.

It was nice to have Richard home for the holidays. He cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Oh yes! He cleaned the pantry out and rearranged it. He cleaned all the boys room, draws and closets. We also rearranged the game room. He cleaned our closed and bedroom and did some rearranging. He also cleaned the garage, a must needed place to be cleaned I must say! He also fixed broken toys for Chiron. Oh yes, he was very productive. He also was able to read. I much needed outlet for him.

I cooked. I made fudge and cookies, peppermint bark and oh so much more. I assure you that my waist can tell that everything taste good! Never mind the endless soup and bread recipes. Oh, winter season is time for some delicious soups.

This Christmas was a well needed break for our family. A time to create some fun memories to fill this new home of ours. Richard took Daniel and Nathan and Qualan to play laser tag. What fun they had. They enjoyed themselves!

Everyone is back to school and Richard is back to work. Back to the normal rhythm of our lives.

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