Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas is coming....

Christmas is almost here. I have yet to finish decorating or for that matter, just plain clean my house. I have been so so so busy. I have more things to do then I can possibly get done with a toddler and a wee one. My days are full of holding them and loving them. But always in the back of my mind my 'to do list' runs. I feel stressed about finishing my list. My husbands says that it is no big deal if I don't finish. The list is self imposed. Yes, this may be true, but wouldn't be nice to have a clean house, with a tree that is decorated, with some christmas cookies, fudge, and candy. Not to mention a Christmas dress made for my baby and some presents bought? I have everything started, just nothing finished yet. It will come in time...But time is running out.

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