Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She is Here!!

Our new Baby girl arrived August 12,2010 at 9:06 in the morning. It was my longest labor. My first contraction was at 3:44am. I immediately jumped in the shower. Richard ran upstairs and told the boys we were leaving for the hospital. Delivery went really well. My doctor delivered her. (It's only the second time my doctor has delivered my baby.) She weighed 7 lbs. 2.5 oz, so they rounded up to 7lbs 3 oz. She was 18 inches long with lots of long dark hair. She is brown! Daniel was happy about that. I was a little sad. I would have liked to have a red hair girl. But. She is a cutie for sure. We named her Kaydee Lucille Bradford. If she was red we would have named her Ruby Kate. But Alas. Kaydee it is. We have adored having a new born in our home. It is so fun. She has a sweet spirit about her. How we love our new Miss Kaydee. (These pictures have not been doctored by photo shop. They are the orginials. One day I will get some time to post some beautiful doctored pictures of her.)


Deanna said...

Oh Jen - She is just beautiful!!! Congrats to you and the boys! (and you hubby is included in the boys) :)

laura said...

she looks amazing!!! I'm glad Heavenly Father blessed you and your boys with a sweet little one!!! enjoy each day, it goes by fast!! congrats jen!!!!