Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thank you

So the story goes... Last year I wanted Daniel to sign up for band. I talked about it alot and he kept telling me that he wanted to do the elective wheel. I kept talking about band and he stuck to the elective wheel. One day he finally said "That's what you and Dad would do--BAND! I want to do the elective wheel." That stopped me talking about it. I decided to let him do what he wanted to do. He turned in the paper with the classes he wanted to take for 6th grade. I never said a word about the elective wheel. A few weeks later, I picked him up from school and he said in a very loud and excited voice "You need to sign this pink paper. I am taking band next year!! They go to Six Flags!!" He picked his instrument;the ephonium. The first day of school he came home and said that he loved band. I heard this often through out the year. He talked about band alot. He often thanked me for encouraging him to go into band. The first band concert he was elated. He came home after practice and said that they sounded "AWESOME". And I have to admit that they did sound really good. Daniel has learned to play his instrument despite his broken elbow. He has worked hard and practiced alot. I decided to write a thank you note to his teachers. They have made all the difference to Daniel. Here is the email I sent them:

Mr. Holzer and Mr. Kelly and Mr. Bruce

I just wanted to tell you how much Daniel Bradford has enjoyed band this year. He has absolutely LOVED it. It was his favorite class. He would come home and want to practice first before he did anything else. You guys have truly blessed and enriched his life. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! He is so sad that the year is almost over but looks forward to seeing you guys on Wednesday. I hope that you guys enjoyed teaching him as much as he enjoyed learning from you. Thanks again :) Jennifer Bradford

They replied:

The pleasure has been all ours. Daniel is a great young man, if they were all like him I would do this for free! I have enjoyed getting to know him this year. He is a very witty guy and has a great sense of humor. We have labeled him the 5th band director. His playing has really caught on fire as well. This is due to his hard work and support from you. Thank you for this and all of your help this year. I can't wait for next year and look forward to seeing Daniel grow as a musician and a person.
Thank you,

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Megan said...

That is awesome Jennifer! You are such a nice person and a GREAT mom!