Friday, August 17, 2012

Kaydee Lou turns 2!!

Kaydee has turned 2! Where has the time gone? I miss that new born baby snuggle time, but atlas it has turned to reading books together and cooking together and cleaning together. She is never far from my side. She always wants to be doing exactly what I am doing. She only takes one hour naps, and sometimes they are not even 15 minutes. Yes, she is growing up quiet nicely, that little lady of mine. Oh, how I love this girl. The day before she turned two, I thought that she needed a new dress. I sat right down and sewed up this lovely dress. It came together so fast. It has no buttons or button holes or zippers. It is a McCall's pattern. So fun for the lil' miss to wear. Also, for her birthday we gave her a new car seat. She has been in the infant car seat and she needed to be turned around and sitting up. Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl. You are loved so.

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