Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday I asked Daniel to do something for me. Something that I knew he wouldn't enjoy, but none the less still needed to be done. He replied "I will do it immediately Mom!" I stopped and said "What?" He said again, "I will do it immediately!" He said it with gusto and smiled at me. He meant it.

I got to thinking about that. I thought of Nephi and how he had to go get the plates. It was not an easy task but none the less they had to have them and so he went; immediately. Am I like that when asked to do something that isn't fun or exciting? Do I jump up and say "sure I will go and do that right now!" When thoughts of service come to my mind, do I act upon it immediately? How does the Lord feel when I get promptings of service and then I delay because I feel foolish. Maybe the person won't like the service I am providing and so I don't do anything. Would the Lord feel less burden if I follow those promptings immediately?

I thought of Chiron and how he had wrapped the blanket around his head. What would have happend to him if I didn't run when I felt those promptings?

When Daniel said that he would do that chore immediately I felt my burdens lift a little. It's always nice to have a little help without having to beg or nag someone. I want to lift the Lord's burdens too. He has done so much for me and I hate to have to burden him. I will go and do it immediately!

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