Thursday, February 5, 2009


This past month Nathan has been the biggest helper. He has made Daniel's lunch every morning. He has also helped or done Daniel's chores around the house. He has never complained about doing the extra stuff for Daniel. He has jumped right in and helped any way that he could. He has been the greatest brother a brother could have. Nathan you are super!!:)


Megan said...

Your boys are all so amazing. I truly admire them and the relationship they have with each other.
Way to go Nathan!

The Payne's said...

Jen!!! I'm so glad you have a blog. It is so nice to see pics of the boys. You are right, they have grown up a ton! I can't believe Chiron in already 5 months. Time sure does fly. Well, I'm happy you have a blog now so we can keep in touch a little bit better. I have been so bad about that and I really am sorry. Check our blog out anytime you want... its