Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Baby Chiron is Born

August 16, 2008 was a very busy day for me and my family. Richard went to work about 5:00 am. That left me to handle the baseball practices. Qualan had baseball practice at 9:30 at Shawnie and Nathan had baseball practice at 12:00 at Bacchus. So Qualan and Nathan and I left the house with all the baseball gear at 9. Daniel wanted to stay home to play wii. Between practices we went and got donuts and ate them at bacchus. Richard called while we were eating the donuts and said we just received an email stating that Daniel had practice and he was on his way to bacchus. When Richard arrived Qualan and I went home and ate a quick lunch and then headed back to bacchus with Daniel for practice. I stayed and watched Daniel practice for 30 minutes while Qualan and Nathan played at the park. I decided to go to Khol's to look for pj's to wear at the hospital when I delivered. So Nathan and Qualan and I headed to Khol's. They didn't have anything that I liked. So we headed home and on the way I decided to fill up with gas just in case I went into labor. Richard and Daniel beat Qualan and Nathan and I home. It was now about 4:00 and Richard is just beat from being up at 4 in the morning. We decided to feed the boys dinner and then Richard and I would go grocery shopping. While grocery shopping I was feeling a little nauseated. But I just thought that it was such a long day with baseball practice. We came home and put the food away. I wanted to watch a movie I had rented a few days before. We started the movie about 9:30 and it ended about 11:45. I then went and got ready for bed. Richard got on the computer to do some scouts. While getting ready for bed a felt a strong contraction and wasn't feeling good. I called Richard and said let's go to bed. He said good idea. We talked while we got ready for bed about the movie. Just as we laid down (it's about 12:30) I had a contraction. Two minutes later I had another very strong painfull contraction. Richard said let's get you to the hospital. I quickly showered while he called Sister Monnier. We raced to the ER which was about 20 minutes away. I had contractions all the way there. I was hurting pretty good. I walked into the ER and they rushed me up to the 4th floor. I quickly changed into the hospital gown and layed down. About two contractions later the baby arrived. I didn't have a doctor there was no time. It was really really fast. Richard was sent to turn in a paper to admit me and missed the whole thing. I think that he felt bad about that. What a beautiful baby boy! Welcome Chiron to our family! We love you!

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